10 Snatch Block You Can Buy Today (Review)

A snatch block is a pulley used for heavy-duty fitted inside a metal casing. It works as a pulley point which has the ability to redirect the course of a winch line, primarily designed for handling heavy goods. A snatch block pulley is used to increase the pulling or lifting efficiency of winches and hoists. The winching snatch block allows the user to change the winch cable’s direction by off-setting the anchor point, allowing the user to pull the winch cable in 3-point motion. The winching snatch block and the snatch blocks on sale, are ideal for transferring loads over a short distance, and can increase the winch’s power considerably, allowing for an easier and smoother winch process.

For someone new to a Snatch Block thinking how it can be of use, the best example can be to imagine yourself in a situation where your vehicle is blocked by a fallen tree. In such a situation having a Snatch Block can be a huge benefit. In such an instance, using another (standing) tree you can attach your snatch block to the standing tree as an anchor point, and then feed a cable through the snatch block fastening it to the fallen tree. With the benefit of the snatch block you can then adjust the cable and pull the fallen tree from your way, getting you back on the road. 

With many of its benefits, also comes responsibility in usage. Using a snatch block without proper knowledge can be dangerous. When using a snatch block in conjunction with a winch, there is a huge amount of force that passes through the snatch block. The actual pressure through the winch and the snatch block, can be 2x that of the actual load being lifted up. Due to the high amount of pressure, if the snatch block fails, the resulting winch slingshot can lead to a lot of damage. Hence, by understanding the pressure that is resting on the snatch block, it is imperative that the snatch block is fixed correctly, and the anchor point is firm. This will ensure that winching and lifting is done securely and responsibility.

This article will be reviewing the 10 Snatch Block you can purchase today.

10. INCLAKE Snatch Block

Load Capacity: 10,500 LBS


  • Made of High-tensile strength steel with epoxy grade finish.
  • Winch pulling power is increased by the UTV and ATV snatch block.
  • The winch pulley measures 5.7 inches x 3.1 inches with an upper limit of 10,500 pounds.
  • The self weight of the snach block is 2.29 pounds and can be used for climbing, warehouse and home uses.
  • The pulley of the winch swivels open with no disassembly to accept line.

9. TICONN 10 Ton Winch Snatch Block Towing Pulley Blocks

Load Capacity: 22,000 LBS (10 Ton).


  • Made of heavy duty steel to ensure sturdiness, carrying a maximum load of 22,000 LBS. This also makes this snatch block suitable for offroad recovery situations.
  • Double the winch pulling power to easily drag truck tractor ATV or UTV out of areas of recovery.
  • Has a Universal Fit and works with 7/32 – 3/8” synthetic rope or steel cable.
  • A Reliable Offroad accessory, as it has anti-corrosion coatings and two rings that have rotating abilities for angled pulls.
  • Item has a self-weight of 7.61 pounds, and a product dimension of 11.4 x 2.3 x 5.6 inches.

8. BPA-RACING 10-Ton Snatch Block

Load Capacity: 22,000 LBS (10 Ton)


  • Made with the highest quality steel, with a 15T tested working load limit, grease fitting and robust construction, works well with ¾ D – Rings or bigger. Designed in Germany.
  • This heavy-duty snatch block pulley has double the pulling power of any winch and can improvise, maximize, and protect the capacity of the vehicle-mounted or portable winch. This snatch block also reduces winch load, gear stress, battery amp draw, and motor heat, ensuring that the heavy item (like an SUV!!) is moved safely from mud, snow, ice, or sand without any damage.
  • Dimensions are 7.87” x 3.93”, with a self-weight of 6.20 lbs. This compact size of the snatch block ensures that you can easily carry it around even if you have a small car.
  • Can be used with any winch cable or rope up to 12 mm (15/32”), and the super strong aluminium pulley wheel ensures that there is no damage done to the rope used.
  • Comes with an Ironclad Satisfaction Guarantee, to ensure high quality and peace of mind, knowing that there is little to worry about whilst using the product.

7.  Heavy Duty 4 Ton 8800 lb Snach Block

Load Capacity: 8800 lbs (4 Ton)


  • Can fit up to 5/16” winch wire rope, with no disassembly required. The snach’s pulley swivels open to accept line. The snatch block can attach the winch line quickly as it has a fast attachment of 3” holes.
  • Load tested to 8818 lb (4 ton), 3/16” thick high tensile strength steel pulley wheel with smooth, black powder-coated, pulley pulled on an axis.
  • Allows for better angles, has a block feature preventing the winch cable from bunching up on a side, and can hence also double the pulling power of your ATV/UTV/Truck winch.
  • It can also reduce amp load and prevent winch from overheating, hence increasing and preserving the winch’s motor life.
  • Can be used for towing, warehouse, home uses, climbing, and industrial use.

6. Smittybilt 2744 Universal Snatch Block

Load Capacity: 17,600lbs


  • Greasable fitting for smooth operations.
  • Ability to double the pulling power for the winch.
  • Works with 7/32 – ⅜” cables, having a universal fit.
  • Flexible and helps with angled pulls.
  • Black powder coated, with a self-weight of 6 pounds.

5. Premium 8-Ton Snatch Block by Xtreme-Unlimited

Load Capacity: 17,600 lbs (8 Ton)


  • Has the ability to double the pulling power of the winch,by easing the strain and increasing its life. Also, keeps motor heat low.
  • This snatch block pulley is heavy duty steel constructed, along with greasable fitting for smooter operations guarantee.
  • Can work with vehicle-mount and portable winches, plus can work with any steel cable or winch rope up to 12 mm (15/32”).
  • The pulley’s wheel allows for easy direction change and navigation through obstacles.
  • Is covered by an unconditional 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Item self-weight is 4.64 pounds, with dimensions of 4.92 x 1.42 x 9.06 inches.

4. ORCISH 10T Recovery Winch Snatch Pulley Block

Load Capacity: 22000 lbs (10T)


  • Reduces winch load and motor heat, increases winch motor life, helps increase the pulling power of the winch.
  • Swivels open to accept line without disassembly.
  • Durable black powder coated heavy duty steel.
  • Dowel bearing with grease fitting.  
  • Item self-weight is 7.96 pounds, with dimensions of 11.93 x 6.14 x 2.56 inches.

            3. Ayleid Recovery Winch Snatch Block Towing Pulley Blocks

Load Capacity: 22,000 lb (10T)


  • Made of heavy duty steel suitable for most off-road recovery circumstances, with a capability to life up to 10T/22,000lb.
  • The pulley works to distribute the force, reduce the load of the winch, and hence prevent the winch from overheating using lesser energy. This increases the pulling power of the winch and extends the winch’s service life. The pulley also has an angular pull ability, thus assisting with vehicles in difficult situations.
  • Accepts rope/cable ½” to ¾”. This is hence perfect to navigate around obstacles and trees to help get your 4×4, ATV, or UTV out of obstacles.
  • Line can be attached without the need to disassemble the pulley.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee offered and the company has a 24 hours customer service available.
  • Self-Item Weight is 7.55 pounds.

     2. TGL 3 inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver, Tow Strap with 2-Pack D Ring Shackles and 10                   Ton Snatch Block

Load Capacity: 10 Ton


  • 3” wide and 8’ long heavy duty winch strap, tow strap, and tree saver.
  • Doubles the pulling capacity of the winch.
  • 2-pack D ringes powder coated black, zinc plated undercoating for maximum rust prevention.
  • D ring shackles are ¾” diameter body, ⅞” diameter pin CE certified for 4.75 ton working load limit.
  1. GearAmerica Smart Snatch Block

Load Limit: 24,000 (12 T) MBC and 12,000 (6T) LBS


  • Enability to change direction of pull, perfect for navigation around trees to get your 4×4 back on the trail, your ATV, or UTV.
  • Easing the strain on your winch motor, increase its lifespan by using this Smart Snatch Block, a universal 4×4 Recovery Tool. Recommended for winches upto 12,000 LBS capacity.
  • Less than 6” long in dimension, highly compact, and can fit in a small storage compartment of an ATV or UTV. Has a Maximum Break Capacity of 24,000 LBS and a safe working load limit og 12,000 LBS.
  • Works with D Ring (Metal) Shackles and Soft (synthetic) Shackles. Accepts steel cable or synthetic rope upto 11mm (7/16”) in diameter.
  • Lifetime Hassle Free Replacement Warranty and a 30 days 100% Money Back Satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Item self-weight is 3.08 pounds, with dimensions of 7 x 4.6 x 2.2 inches.

Final Thoughts:

This article reviewed the 10 Snatch Block You Can Purchase Today, and differentiated them according to their features and load limit. The editor pick from the top 10 Snatch Block You Can Purchase Today, will be the GearAmerica Smart Snatch Block. This as reviewed, comes in a highly compatible design, with a high maximum working and breaking limit. This snatch block will hence be ideal for use anywhere and everywhere. It can also be taken around, and given its universal winch design, can be used with almost any winch, doubling the winch capacity and using less of the winch’s motor energy. This can hence be a smart and efficient choice to make for a solo adventurous traveller!!

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