8 Best Car Lifts For Home Garage

Are you more of a ‘Work From Home’ person when it comes to fixing your car? Do you prefer getting your hands dirty and fixing your car, rather than hiring a mechanic to do the same?

If yes, then you would appreciate the importance of having that extra space to see what you are doing when you creep underneath your car to fix your brake lines, check your car fuel, or to swap a worn out car component. If this is you, then car lifts can be of great benefit for you, as some can lift or lower vehicles weighing up to 9000 pounds. 

These car lifts will hence give you that space to fit yourself comfortably underneath your car while also lowering your changes of backaches which you often get by lying uncomfortably on the floor to fix your car. As you are after something that can lift your vehicle, the main concern is safety and security. Poor quality hoists can be a bad idea to use, as they can cause accidents which at times can be fatal.

Car lifts may although sound like a big-time investment, but actually they can be cheaper than you think. This article will provide an exhaustive list of the 8 Best Car Lifts that you can purchase for your home garage. 

Before listing the Best Car Lifts for your home garage, the article will also introduce the various types of car lifts, safety tips to use a car lift, the car lifts’ key features to consider when purchasing, and general pricing of the best car lifts for home garages.

Different types of Car Lifts for your Home Garage

2 Post – These car hoists use two frames to support the vehicle its carrying and hence takes up comparatively lesser space than the 4-post lifts. These car hoists/car lifts are more powerful than the scissor lifts and additionally can also lift the vehicle higher than a scissor car lift. These car lifts are ideal to use in smaller shops and home garages.

Scissor – This car lift is also known as a portable car lift, as it is easy to install and carry. These types of car lifts are usually used for a quick fix of your car, like repairing a damaged wheel or changing a tire. These are fairly underpowered than the 2 post and the 4 post car hoists, and have a lower upper weight capacity. The scissor car lift is always the cheapest option, in comparison to the 2 post and 4 post types of car lifts.

4 post – Lastly, we have the 4 post types of car lifts that are the most powerful, compact, and the largest car lift types. These are required to be tucked into the floor before use, as they weigh over 2,000 pounds, and are hence not portable. Although not portable, these types of car lifts are the best to lift your vehicle securely and keep it lifted until you have finished working on it.

8 Best Car Lifts for Home Garage

Here, we will list and review the top 8 Best Car Lifts for Home Garage, with 1 being the very best based on features.

8. HPDMC 8000LB 4- Post Heavy Duty

This 4 post car lift by HPDMC has a multi-level locking system to enable you to safely lock your 4 post car lift at different heights, along with giving you the ability to automatically lock that engage at 14 different positions when you raise the vehicle. Its multi-level locking system will also ensure that you are straining your back or crouching inorder to fix your vehicle.

This car lift is also good quality, as it comes with 4 superior-grade stainless steel lifting cables, with each of those cables having a maximum weight of 8000 pounds. To also provide a sleek look of the equipment, as well as, for safety of the user, the cables are hidden within the 4 post columns.

The car lift also has 4, ¾ inch thick safety locks which simultaneously engage as the lift is raised. By cross tube sleeves, these locs are always securely trapped to ensure that these do not become disengaged or dislodged. In the event that a main cable fails, a back-up slack cable lock ensures lock engagement happens instantly.

This Car lift is also space saving, and is easy to operate, given that it is industrial graded. This industrial grade also assures the safety of this car lift and also has further durable components to ensure safety. The Car lift can be anchored to the ground, giving the user more confidence with simple controls and reliability.

Key Features:

➔ 8000 pounds lift capacity
➔ 4 post symmetrical design with 4 superior-graded stainless steel cables and safety locks
➔ Industrial graded, easy-to-use, and can be anchored to the ground or left independently.

➔ Brand: HPDMC
➔ Model: 4SF-40C-110V
➔ Product Dimensions: 183 x 21.2 x 27.5 inches

7. XK 6200 lb 220V Rise Scissor Automotive

This is a scissor car lift by XKwith a upper weight limit of 2800kg. Below are the key features based on information gained from Amazon.

Key Features:

➔ Lifting capacity of 6200 pounds
➔ Maximum lifting height of 48 inches
➔ Safety lock enabled at any working height
➔ Easy to move and portable
➔ One Year Warranty and CE certified
➔ Is Hydraulic Movable.


➔ Brand: XK
➔ Model: XK66598

6. APlusLift HW-SL6600X

Another scissor car lift with its key features and specification listed below, as viewed from Amazon.

Key Features:

➔ Lifting capacity of 6,600 pounds
➔ Maximum lift height of 51 inches with Truck Adapters
➔ 5 Year Structural Parts and 2 years Hydraulic Electrical Parts Warranty.
➔ Dual Hydraulic Cylinder Structure of 3.25 inches.
➔ 88 9/16 inches Maximum Length, and 78 ¾ inches Maximum Width.
➔ Added Stability and Greater Floor Contact, through the feature of a unique triple roller design.


➔ Brand: APlusLift
➔ Model: HW-SL6600X
➔ Weight: 1200 pounds

5. XK-AAA Two Post L1200 Auto Lift

A 2 Post Car Lift with its key features and specifications listed below, as viewed from Amazon.

Key Features:

➔ Maximum Lifting Height of 76.77 inches
➔ Maximum Lifting Capacity of 12,000 pounds
➔ Minimum Lifting Height of 76.77inches
➔ Width between Columns is 129.92 inches wide
➔ Long Arm Lengths of 39.76 inches to 69.66 inches


➔ Brand: XK USA
➔ Model: XK-2531269

4. TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post

A 4 Post Car Lift with key features and specifications listed below, as viewed on Amazon.

Key Features:

➔ Maximum weight of lift capacity of 8000 pounds.
➔ Overall Height of 84 inches.
➔ Overall Length of 175 inches.
➔ Drive Through Width of 93 inches.
➔ Runway Length of 165 inches.
➔ Operates on a 110 Volts voltage.
➔ Can help in maximizing vertical space, as users can store a car on the lift, and another car below it, when car lift is lifted to maximum length.


➔ Brand: TRIUMPH
➔ Model: NSS-8

3. APlusLift HW-10KP-A 10,000LB Two Post

This is a 2 post car lift with its key features and specification listed below, as viewed on Amazon.
Key Features:

➔ Improved design from APlusLift HW-10KBP model.
➔ Symmetrical and Asymmetrical (Combo) Arm Assembly with Pads that can be screwed in
➔ Hydraulic System and CE Certified Lift Structure.
➔ Maximum Lift Height of 6’9” with truck adapters
➔ Strong Double “S” Column Design, with Durable Powder Coated Finish on Steel.
➔ All Robot Welded Structure with a Carriage Material Q355 stronger than Normal Q235 Steel.
➔ 2 years warranty on parts


➔ Brand: APlusLift
➔ Model: HW-10KBP-A
➔ Weight: 1350 pounds

2. Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System

A scissor portable car lift with its key features and specifications listed, as viewed on Amazon.

Key Features:

➔ Has a lifting capacity of about 7,000 pounds
➔ Operates on voltage of 110Volts
➔ Highly portable


Brand: QuickJack
Model: BL-SLX

1. BendPak QuickJack BL- 5000SLX Portable Lift

A portable car hoist with its key features and specifications listed, as viewed on Amazon.

Key Features:

➔ A fast and efficient operating car lift with a 110V AC Motor.
➔ Lifting capacity of 2 ½ Ton
➔ Easily portable with simple installation.


➔ Brand: QuickJack
➔ Model: BL-5000SLX-110
➔ Weight: 215 pounds

Final Thoughts

This article includes the top 8 Best Car Lifts for Home Garage, with safety tips, types of hoists, and key features to look out for when purchasing a car lift for your home garage. Our top pick is the BendPak QuickJack BL- 5000SLX Portable Lift, which is easy to use, portable, but most importantly can lift a maximum weight of upto 2 ½ Ton, and hence is optimal for SUVs and Trucks. Its fast and efficient operating motor with a 110V AC Motor, ensures that you will not waste a minute while fixing your car.

If you are after something less expensive for your small family car, then we would recommend the Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System, which has an upper weight limit of 7000 pounds, but is also very efficient as it runs on a 110V motor. Additionally, this car hoist is also portable, so you can fix your family vehicle wherever you maybe!!

Safety tips to Use a Car Lift

  1. Always first study the manual before using the car lift to ensure that your vehicle is safely mounted on the car lift. Do not operate the car lift before reading the user/operating manual as you may end up dropping and damaging your vehicle.
  2. Whenever using any type of car lift make sure that the car lift is installed on a strong, flat, and stable flooring, to ensure that that the car lift can function safely without any danger of collapsing.
  3. Obey the car lift’s upper weight limit, and never operate the car lift to lift a vehicle that weighs more than the upper weight limit of the car lift. As a matter of fact, it is also suggested to not lift a vehicle that even weighs close to the upper weight limit of the car lift. This is to mainly ensure your safety, otherwise there lies a high risk that the vehicle can fall on you while you work underneath it. For instance, if your vehicle weighs 6,000 pounds, you should purchase a car lift that has an upper weight limit of at least 8,000 pounds.
  4. Install the car lift using the installation instructions provided in the product paperwork, taking note of space and flooring where the car lift is being installed.

Key Features to consider of a Car Lift while purchasing it

  • Weight Capacity – Knowing the upper weight limit, or the capacity of weight your car lift can carry is critical in ensuring your safety while using it. Once you know the weight capacity of the car lift, compare that to the weight of your car. Never purchase a car lift that has an upper weight limit closer or lesser than the weight of your car. Not honouring this requirement can end up being fatal, as mentioned in the safety tips above. Most home garage car lifts have a maximum lifting capacity between 6,000 – 10,000 pounds. The 6,000 pound car lifts should suffice if you will be using a small family car on it. If you would be using a truck or an SUV, then purchase a car lift with a higher weight capacity.
  • Size – A big factor of consideration when it comes to purchasing a car lift is the space it will take in your home garage/shop. A 4 post car lift is highly space consuming, while a 2 post car lift can fit well in comparatively lesser space. However, if you are looking forward to purchasing a car lift which will take very little space and is portable to be used on the go, then the scissor style car lift will be the one for you to take home.
  • Additional features for safety – Each car lift comes with a safety feature to help avoid collapse or slipping of the vehicle. This includes an auto-lock feature when the car lift is ascending, and a bar lock feature when the car lift is descending. This feature can be something to be looked out for as it ensures safety of the car and the user.
  • Installation – This is highly user specific, and depends whether you want your car lift to be temporarily or permanently installed in a particular location. For those users who would want their car lift to be temporary in a particular location, a scissor car lift would be beneficial. On the other hand, for users who prefer a more permanent installation of their car lift, a 4 post or 2 post car lift design is appropriate, as these are both fixed into the ground, heavy, and hence have very little portability.
  • User-friendliness – Purchase a lift which is highly user-friendly, and comes with step by step instruction to use and install the car lift, including, the mounting of the vehicle on the car lift, lifting/lowering of the vehicle, and locking of the vehicle. Additionally, a car lift that has a hydraulic lift is comparatively easier to use than a car lift that runs on electricity.
  • Manufacturing of the car lift – A car lift strongly constructed will ensure that your car remains stable and durable when your car is lifted. A car lift made out of tough steel and fixed to the ground, would be ideal for fixing any car in your home garage.
  • Operational speed of the car lift – Lastly, this is important if you wish to fix your car quickly without wasting a minute. Choosing a car lift with a powerful motor is highly beneficial if you want your car lift to operate at a reasonably high speed.

General Pricing for Best Car Lifts for Home Garages

Below $1,500 – It may be a bit challenging to find a car lift below $1500, however if you are looking to lift a vehicle weighing less than 6,000 pounds then you may find 2 post and 4 post car lifts with decent features like adjustable height and width.


Between $1,500 – $2,000 – With this budget you can expect to find 2 post or 4 post car lifts with powerful motors running at around 200 volts, with upper weight limits between 6,000 and 9,000 pounds.


Above $2,000 – This budget will ensure you get a high quality car lift for your home garage made of tough steel, which is durable, and mostly bolted to the ground due to the size. Here you will find 4 post car lifts or scissor-style plates, which have upper weight limits between 6,000 to 10,000 pounds.

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